How much can you make at Amazon as a data engineer?

We've gathered data from a variety of verified online sources and our internal members on Interview Query. Our sample size is around ~200 data points in the past few years. We want to note that the data here is likely skewed towards high cost of living cities such as the Bay Area, New York, and Seattle where most Amazon data engineers work.

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How much does an Amazon Data Engineer make?

In most tech companies, there are two ways to evaluate compensation. Base salary, which is the normal income that gets paid on some regular cadence, and total compensation (TC), which is the total amount that you earn in a year including bonuses and stocks / equity.

Average Salaries Amazon Data Engineer Comparable Tech Companies Data Engineers
Base Salary $148,000 $165,000
Total Compensation $230,000 $259,000

These salary numbers are also compared against a dataset of data engineers that work at similar FAANG companies and hot tech startups. We can see that generally Amazon pays a little less than other tech companies.

The distribution graph above shows why Amazon data engineers on average are paid less than average data engineers. The distribution curve for total compensation is more narrow for Amazon data engineers than it is for the typical tech data engineer.

The total compensation number can be skewed given the fact that it depends on how well Amazon's stock has performed over the past few years. User's inputs could be determined by the rise in stock value instead of the amount given in the actual grant date.

How do Amazon data engineering salaries vary by seniority level?

Seniority can increase the pay of data engineers significantly at Amazon. We decided to group data engineers into four categories.

  • entry-level (0-1 years of experience)
  • mid-level (2-5 years of experience)
  • senior (6+ years of experience)
  • manager / lead

Here are the Amazon data engineering base salaries plotted by seniority and compared against other data engineers in tech companies.

It's clear that Amazon maxes out base salary at around $150K. This could also be due to a low sample size of data engineering managers as we only inspected <10 in this group.

If we look at total compensation however, the manager salaries were much higher.

Lastly, have base salary numbers gone up over time?

We plotted the trend for the past three plus years. On average it looks like they stayed relatively same except for the past two years in 2020 and 2021.

There's fierce competition for data engineers and data scientists now. You can see more salary analysis in our report: Data Engineer Salaries.