Hi everyone,

We've just launched The Data Stream podcast! Check it out here on Spotify, Itunes, and Transistor.

A bit of background on why I decided to create it. This podcast is not going to be about interview prep (but that may change...) but primarily focus on diving into data science projects with real world applications.

At the core, it is my belief that data science should be imminently practical and can be applied to any industry. The reason why data science is so fun is that it allows us to draw insights into the patterns and behaviors seen all around us to tell a story. And so the ultimate goal of this podcast is to jump into those stories with people that have investigated them.

Generally I’d saw we try not to get into anything too technical. It definitely helps to have an understanding of data science and to work in the field, but for the most part we aren’t talking about optimizing hyper parameters or what’s the best way to implement so and so in production. It’s definitely more a deep dive into a specific subject.

So far I've recorded three episodes and they were really fun. If you are interested in coming on the show please let me know!

Check the first three episodes out here:

Episode #1 - The Transformation of NBA Data with Canzhi

Episode #2 - The Economics of Sex Work with Alicia

Episode #3 - Who is the Asshole? With Elle